This very traditional and iconic brewing method makes a concentrated coffee with a powerful aroma.

1. Fill the bottom of the stove top up to the valve with boiling water. In doing so, you avoid a longer contact between the freshly-ground coffee and the steam.

2. Use a bit less coffee than you normally would..

3. Never press the coffee, it will expand naturally during the extraction and will be pushed through the upper filter.

4. Once the extraction has completed, stir with a teaspoon and serve.


Despite being a very simple brewing method, filter can lead to a really excellent coffee extraction. This is because coffee and hot water come into contact for a relatively short time, extracting only the best flavours from the coffee.

1. Use a 1:15 coffee to water ratio (i.e. 15ml of water for every gram of coffee). Adjust to taste.

2. Wait about a minute before pouring boiling water over the coffee so that the temperature goes down to about 93-95°C.

3. Pour water gently forming a spiral and starting from the centre of the filter.


Invented in 2005 by the American Alan Adler, Aeropress is an alternative brewing method that quickly makes a coffee with very low levels of bitterness and acidity.

1. Use a 1:18 coffee to water ratio (i.e. 11gr of medium-to-finely ground coffee for 200ml of water).

2. Pour 200ml of water quickly and evenly so that all the coffee is soaked. Install the plunger and infuse for two minutes.

3. 3. After two minutes, swirl Aeropress gently and rest for another thirty seconds.

4. After thirty seconds, press gently on the plunger and extract all the coffee.