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In the heart of the picturesque Ticino region, a captivating collaboration has blossomed between a Brazilian artist and a locally-focused coffee roastery. 

The story began when the artist Gabriel Moraes Aquino was invited to participate in an art exhibition organized by the Bally Foundation: «Arcadia».

Talk about your brand

Yanik, the owner of Caffe Suiso, proudly roasting coffee in Malcantone, has a strong commitment to local distribution and fostering close relationships with its clients, recognized the synergy between the artist's vision and its own ethos of celebrating the Ticino identity. 

Eager to amplify the narrative of the region's rich heritage, Yanik proposed a collaborative project that would integrate the artist's work and vision of the region.

The Brazilian blend echoes the origin of the artist, and offers a subtle but intense, sweet and enveloping flavor, with notes of cocoa and toasted nuts.